What’s this Multimodal malarkey?

There’s a new night in Nottingham and it wants to mess with ya head


If you follow Lukas, Wigflex chief on social media, you might have seen he’s been getting his fingers stuck into many electronic pies. Most recently, he’s been involved with a new project called ‘Multimodal’ – seen the FB page?

Described as an event that ‘brings synchronised patterns based on visual neuroscience research, projected onto every wall, stimulating early visual receptors in your brain. Producing an intense, unique event‘, with a promo video featuring tunes such as ‘The sky was pink – holden remix’ I’m already excited…


I’ve got no idea where it is, what it will involve or how my brain will react to this beat-fuelled experiment, but┬ámy receptors are oiled and ready for messin’ with.

I hear the brain behind this is Matt Woodham, also responsible for creating the immersive dance floor illusions at the recent Wigflex ‘dos. Anyone who has been to those events will be aware of what a treat we are in for.

I look forward to piecing together the clues as they are revealed by the Multimodal team. Bring on the announcements!

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