Why you’d be mad to miss Max Cooper at Wigflex this March

If you were undecided about heading to see Max Cooper all night long, including a look at his ‘Emergence’ live AV show, then please spare a few moments to have your mind blown…


For the good folk of Nottingham, Wigflex needs no introduction. Nor does Max Cooper, for many electronic music fans. But if you were undecided about heading to see Max Cooper all night long, including a look at his ‘Emergence’ live AV show, then please spare a few moments to have your mind blown… (just as I was when I started to dig deeper into what the actual show was all about)

More about Max

This night is particularly exciting for Nottingham due to Max’s special connection to the city. An ex Uni-of student, he received a PH.D in computational biology (or something equally as impressive) from the fine institution while also holding down a residency at legendary techno institution, Firefly. I didn’t move to Nottingham myself until 2011 – the year that it closed – and was incredibly disappointed that I’d missed out on the chance to go to this night, hearing nothing but great things. A quick flick on youtube gives you an idea of the sounds that went down. Beautiful.

However, if Firefly was considered an institution for techno heads back in 2011, you could argue that Wigflex has kindly picked up where it left off, making this combination of artist and club night particularly compelling.


Max Cooper has long been responsible for some incredible tracks over the years, known for his appreciation of the connection between sound and visual experience.  It’s hard to find a track of his that doesn’t come with a hypnotic video to accompany it. Like this one created by the talented Nick Cobby, who also was one part of the excellent Nottingham club night, Zleep.

Released last November, Emergence is Max Cooper’s latest album and concept. This is how he describes it on his official website:

Emergence is the story of natural laws and processes, their inherent beauty, and their action to yield the universe, us and the world we live in.

I started working on the project around 3 years ago, when I was thinking about how I could link my interests in science, music and visual arts together. The theme was one already touched on in previous music video projects, and one that provided potential to incorporate many different ideas and audio-visual experiments into a single narrative, so I got stuck in to see where the project would take me. The result was initially a live AV show, which then turned into an album, and for the final piece to close the project next year, a surround sound movie format.

Is your mind blown yet? His background in science is clear to see, leveraged by collaborations with mathematicians and other sciencey folk to make this recent work an incredible amalgamation of facts, logic, curiosity and creativity – my favourite combination. From what I can tell, the entire album follows a timeline of human civilisation/evolution, starting with the ‘big bang’ and when life first started to form before hurtling far into the future.

To me, electronic music is an incredible art form – in one sense, it can make you dance uncontrollably but deep into the genre there are also artists, such as Max, who use complex sounds, rhythms, melodies and the emotions they provoke to bend your mind and explore the world we live in or at least, the way we think about it. Emergence is a fine example of this.

The series of visual delights that accompany each song from the new album already look stunning when seen on the tiny screen of my laptop. I can’t even begin to imagine how the entire AV show is going to be this March, but I can’t wait to find out.


Max Cooper will be showcasing his Emergence live AV show at Wigflex on 4th March, hosted at Brickworks. Find out more online.


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