Radioactiveman is coming to Bar 11

Perdition is one of those nights in Notts that I’ve always wanted to go to but for some reason, had never stepped foot on its wonderfully curated dance floor. It seemed as if I had missed my chance as the Notts/London based party bowed out gracefully from Nottingham nightlife last June after welcoming the Zenker Brothers for one last dance in the midlands, before moving to the capital permanently. However, I am in luck. To celebrate its third birthday, Perdition will be coming back to Notts once more on 10th March, bringing Radioactiveman along for the ride.

Admittedly, this guy wasn’t on my radar until I stumbled across him at Gottwood 2015. After a hazy day turned into an even hazier evening I wound up in the Walled Garden, perched against some hay bails. His pulsating sounds were oddly soothing. Soon my hips were swaying once more and I was immediately catapulted back into the stunning welsh field in which I was standing.

He played a set that I would have described as squelchy acid house although on research it seems that he’d be defined, if that is possible, to more of an electro sound. Either way, I was mesmerised and had to pester the crowd to find out who it was. This was the same Gottwood where I discovered Steevio and his modular mayhem – ’twas a great weekend for sonic learning! Since then, any mention of Radioactive man and his distinctive bleeps and tweaks has made my ears prick up, resulting in an instant ticket purchase.

In the past month or so I’ve been seeing and hearing more than usual of Radioactive man, such as his live session on Kmah, and it seems to be that he has a new album out soon. This is excellent news, also responsible for giving me the opportunity to now see him play in a small, familiar venue in Notts

Thank you Perdition for coming back with such a bang. Bring it on Radioactive man.

Perdition is bringing Radioactiveman to Bar 11 on 10 March. Get involved online.



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