Project turns 1 / Frits Wentink & Jon K

It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. And with life being so busy, this gem of a night has launched and enjoyed a successful 12 month run without me getting to know about it until about a month or so ago, when it invited LSN and DJ Fett Burger to town.

In this year it has hosted Anthony Naples, O’Flynn, iZem and Chaos in the CBD. Now, Project celebrates its first birthday on 1st April, taking place at the Irish Centre, and you’d be a fool to miss it.

While I am the first one to praise Nottingham’s nightlife, beyond the ‘fuck off’ mega techno stompers other parties bring to Notts, I often crave to see more of the smaller guys, the lower-key but high-fun DJs that function in the underground, in this city. Leftback Records does a good job of filling this space, as does/did South Jack Street. Project also fits this bill exactly, bringing ‘vibes a plenty’ to its ‘stream of ‘carefully curated electronic music events’.

Bringing these vibes for its first birthday is Frits Wentink & Jon K, with Youssef Sallam taking care of the warm up duties.

Project does a pretty good job of introducing these guys on its Facebook page. Here, the sound can do the talking:


While I’ve only been to one Project, I’d highly recommend making its first birthday your debut visit to the night if it had managed to pass you by for a whole year too. A small, fun and friendly crowd with excellent tunes is guaranteed.

Get your party poppers ready x

Project turns 1 on 1st April, bringing Frits Wentink, Jon K and Youssef Sallam to supply the party tunes. Join the celebrations here.



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