Minimal is coming to town / Watercolour Records

If you like things deep, dubby and stripped back, with accents of ridiculously crispy beats and a leftfield flavour, then you’ll probably be excited for the new ‘do that’s about to launch at Red Bar.


If you like things deep, dubby and stripped back, with accents of ridiculously crispy beats and a leftfield flavour, then you’ll probably be excited for the new ‘do that’s about to launch at Red Bar.

Watercolour records is a new label from Paul Gribby (musical alias, Still-Life). As part of the imprint, he’s hosting label showcase parties at the Talbot Street basement, the first happening on 23rd February.

Alongside Still-Life, it’s been announced that Leftback’s Dudley Strangeways will also be resident, with Initial (who’s set to release on the Watercolour Records label soon) headlining. Both Dudley and Initial have provided an exciting promo mix for the night, and Still Life’s recent production output on Kubu have given us a taster of the types of sounds we can expect to hear at the night, and probably from the label too:

I spoke to both Still Life and Dudley Strangeways for Leftlion – read it here for a more in-depth look into the brand.

But ultimately, it’s fantastic to see another output – label and event – offering this delightful sound to Notts, a fresh injection of tunes is always most welcome!

 Way I see it, these Watercolour Records nights look set to fill a wonderful gap recently left by promoters such as South Jack Street (now booking the likes of Steevio and Suzybee in London), nestling nicely beside Leftback, becoming the slightly spacy cousin to its crazy sharp tunes. Excellent.

The Waves / Diving In

On 22nd September Louis Knight and The Waves is taking over Red Bar, appointing Lukas Wigflex to head selector. I took the chance to dive deeper into his thoughts behind the night…

With Nottingham being a student-heavy city, the end of summer and start of term again naturally causes its night time events to unearth from hibernation (more on this later…) One such promoter grabbing this opportunity to welcome students, as well as curious locals, to his brand of fun times is Louis Knight of The Waves.

Following on from a mammoth summer bank holiday party, on 22nd September he’s taking over Red Bar, appointing Lukas Wigflex to head selector. Also an opportunist, I took the chance to learn more about The Waves before it all kicks off, and sat down with Louis to dive deeper into his thoughts behind the night…


First thing’s first – why call it ‘The Waves?’

It’s hard to name your own business and make it relevant to all, so I chose the name The Waves because it’s neutral. It represents fluidity and is a flowing motion. Adding the ‘The’ gives it its independence and some of the top clubs and nights such as ‘The Berghain’ and ‘The warehouse project’ have proven it works. It also links to music, referencing sound waves and raves.

Who else is part of the Waves crew?

We got head rep Max P who is my trusty right hand man along side our other promoters Alex Stewart, Joe Coles and Ailsa Mcfarlane, who will be promoting online and door to door, as well as selling tickets to all students for our future events. We also have my very good friends and resident DJs – Jacob Gulliver, Kairo and MLĀNO.

On your event page it says you’re inspired by the nightlife culture in Berlin – why do you have a special connection with that place over other clubbing meccas such as Ibiza, Croatia or even UK cities like London or Leeds?

I left England in 2015 and decided to live in Berlin, using this city as my base for travelling. I was there for 11 months in total and got a real good grasp of the variety and diversity of clubs there, as well as its night life culture. Then when I returned I missed the feeling I got when I entered a club in Berlin, so I decided to replicate it with my own events. I’ve been to Ibiza but I got a totally different impression there. I think you have to reach a level of social status to feel like you can enjoy it, but in Berlin the clubbing community welcomes anyone who is there to have a genuinely good time and not to show off.

Berlin aside, what was that special track or event that made you realise how much you loved dance music and its culture?

If I had to pin point one specific place it would be Sisyphos, Berlin. This place is more of a commune than a club. It opens Friday evening and doesn’t close until midday Monday. It has 2 rooms, The Hammerhalle, which is your heavy 4 x 4 Berliner Techno, and The Winterkarten which is a stained glass windowed church vibe shed which is more tech house and house.

Why, and when, did you start your night?

I started to create it in Dec 16 and had first one Jan 17

Do you come from Nottingham? If not, how did you end up here?

I come from Leicester but moved here when I got back from Berlin.

What other nights in Notts, the UK or even the world do you admire?

In my opinion, The Warehouse Project is the pinnacle of all promoting and events in the UK. However Zutekh, the Portal and The Bunker are all events I admire for their bookings, promotions and collaborations.


Wigflex headline flyer

Flyers are a big part of clubbing culture, albeit dying down in the digital age, but yours are pretty cool – who did them for you / what was their inspiration?

One of our main values is to always remain innovative and creative so we channel this through our graphics. But they will vary depending on what type of event we’re doing. I work very closely with the designers to get a clear image of what I’m portraying at the event.

How do you want people to feel at your events?

I want people to feel welcomed, loved, appreciated, valued, jovial, horny, sexy, drunk, funky, dirty, sweaty and just have an all round sense of relaxation and escapism in an environment where you feel comfortable.

Your night in September will be your fifth night – where was your first night?

Our first event was on the 26th Jan 17 at Rough Trade and we welcomed 3 Trent bass legends – LNR, George Burgess and Jaust. We still have good contacts with these and some of them have featured more than once.

Have you moved venues / changed concept since then?

The concept of the waves hasn’t changed however the variety of our events is infinite. We have had intimate parties with 200 people cap, we have had 12 hour bank holiday parties with 2 floors, 15 DJ’s and 400 cap and now where going into start of UNI I thought I would give the students something to experience in their first week of freshers. We are not limited to one venue and one style of event.

Which night has been your favourite?

Every event is my favourite, I savour the last and look forward to the next.

You say you have big plans for the future – can you reveal any of these?

We are going to expanding rapidly going into the next year and our aim is to leave a footprint in Nottingham’s night life history.


The Waves is looking to grow its promo team. Anyone wanting to join the party should email 🙂


Join Louis at Red Bar on 22nd September, with Kairo, MLĀNO, Jacob Gulliver and Lukas x



What’s this Multimodal malarkey?

There’s a new night in Nottingham and it wants to mess with ya head

If you follow Lukas, Wigflex chief on social media, you might have seen he’s been getting his fingers stuck into many electronic pies. Most recently, he’s been involved with a new project called ‘Multimodal’ – seen the FB page?

Described as an event that ‘brings synchronised patterns based on visual neuroscience research, projected onto every wall, stimulating early visual receptors in your brain. Producing an intense, unique event‘, with a promo video featuring tunes such as ‘The sky was pink – holden remix’ I’m already excited…


I’ve got no idea where it is, what it will involve or how my brain will react to this beat-fuelled experiment, but my receptors are oiled and ready for messin’ with.

I hear the brain behind this is Matt Woodham, also responsible for creating the immersive dance floor illusions at the recent Wigflex ‘dos. Anyone who has been to those events will be aware of what a treat we are in for.

I look forward to piecing together the clues as they are revealed by the Multimodal team. Bring on the announcements!