Hi. I live and work in Nottingham, but come from (even further) up north.

I have experience writing for a range of online music blogs and publications including MEOKO, Skiddle, Ticket Arena and LeftLion. Alongside these fantastic outlets,  I felt the need to start my own, personal project in order to satisfy my textual itch.

I love writing about the dance music scene that I hold so close to my heart. But I needed a platform to tailor those rantings specifically towards the sounds, sights and sessions that can be found in the city I now call home, as and when they happen!

In my opinion, far too many people say ‘there’s nowt going on in Notts’, but I argue they simply aren’t looking hard enough. I see a scene that is rooted in history, has seen some ups and downs but is now full of lots of exciting seeds that have been planted.

Maybe talking about them, on here, will help them to grow.

So, is there nowt in Notts, or is it owt in Notts?

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